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poor quality roof tiling

Undercloaking not straight

Rain water downpipe

Not in the corner

rain water downpipe

Rain water downpipe

 in the corner but not vertical this time!

Something missing?

poorly built  brick arch

Neither a straight arch or a soldier arch - a mix up!

rain water pipe porch

No attempt has been made to select bricks from more than one

pack to mix them up thus avoiding colour banding like this.

brickwork colour matching brickwork colour banding brickwork and mortar colour

Professional snagging defect photographs

More snagging photographs taken in 2011

It looks wrong!

The rendered panel

should end at

projecting brickwork

Different colour roof tiles

 (poor  mixing on site)

bad detailing roof tile colour batching Guttering not connected

Guttering not connected

Lead flashing to porch had fallen out. Repair not level and roof tiles stained

Lead flashing pointing snagging photo

Large gap!

ridge tile

Poor bedding of ridge tiles

 Small cut should not

have been used

Guttering incomplete

Gutter stop-end missing

snagging photos

Rain water downpipe not

 Plumb (vertical)

Untidy pointing and poor

vertical brick coursing

Large bed joint to chimney shoulder and lead

flashing cut too short

Dirty brickwork under

 brick cill

snagging photo snagging picture

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