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The 5 DON’Ts to Renting a Flat:

1. DON’T make impulsive and rash decisions!

It is important to be on the ball because others will be searching just as hard as you. However, don’t jump on any old flat because you're desperate and panicking you won’t get one. By rushing into a decision you could end up with something you’re unhappy with.

2. DON’T rent a flat before doing some research.

Not all flats will match your lifestyle. A nearby nightlife might not be your idea of a good time so inspecting the area at night will give and indication of how lively an area is. If you are looking for a quiet life, the nightlife will result in noise and busy streets. Never think it is just about the inside of the property!

3. DON’T redecorate without asking your landlord first!

Your landlord might not be impressed you’ve just painted the nice new décor bright colours. Make sure you always talk to your landlord first and read your contract thoroughly. Your landlord may be happy for you to decorate, just ensure you ask and keep them informed and up to date.

4. DON’T sign a contract until obvious problems are fixed.

There shouldn’t be any problems when you’re visiting or renting a flat but make sure you keep an eye out. You would be wise not to sign any agreement until everything you have noticed has been rectified and sorted out.

5. DON’T be happy for anything less than the best!

Settling for a flat that doesn’t quite make the grade, just to make the process quicker, is a definite don’t. If the accommodation isn’t right for you then move on and look at others, your dream flat could be just around the corner.

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The 5 DO’s and 5 DON’Ts to finding flats

When you're looking to rent a flat, it is best to take your time to think everything through, just as you would if you were buying a home. Hopefully, this it is going to be your home for some time and everything needs to be as perfect as it can.

To help we have listed the main DO's and DON'Ts that you should consider when renting a property:

The 5 DO’s to renting a home

1. DO have a thorough browse before making a decision!

Always make sure you have a thorough look around any potential home you visit before making a decision. You don’t want any major disappointments on the day you move in because something isn’t what you wanted. If you’re worried about making a snap decision then take someone with you, they can act as a second pair of eyes for noticing any possible issues.

2. DO check all avenues for places to rent.

When looking for city centre flats, you will need to be one step ahead of other potential tenants. Check the local papers as soon as they are published and check the Internet for available properties. To take some of the stress away, consider using a local estate agent.

3. DO check out what is nearby.

Here is where you need to think what is important to you. Do you need a nearby supermarket? Do you need a dentist or doctor near to your home? Do you need nearby parking facilities? And finally, do you need a nearby thriving nightlife? You need to have a look to see how far away you are from key amenities or the types of amenities you’re after.

4. DO think like you’re buying the flat!

This is probably going to be your home for some time and it needs to be right. When looking at flats try and think as if you are investing money and your future in it. When you’re buying a property you are less likely to settle for things you’re unhappy with.

5. DO find out what the full cost is.

Make sure you are aware of the full cost of living in the flat. Find out if anything is included such as insurance, parking or use of facilities. Ask about the deposit required, the length of rental agreement or lease and check that the gas safety certificate is up to date before parting with any cash.