Snagging Gallery

Photographs of snagging defects in new homes

These photographs show that the quality of new homes in 2011 is as bad as ever.  Bricklayers cannot build a soldier arch properly (Charles Church) and tradesmen seem incapable of fixing fittings in line, level or vertical (Bellway).  Each year, on a minimum average, defects like these, are overlooked or ignored over 1500 times by the house builder’s own staff.   See table below.

This is in addition to the 30 or so tradesmen working on the site each day.

Click on the arrows to view each photograph in turn at full size.

The minimum number of times the above defects are ignored

or missed by a house builder’s own staff in a typical year.






Site Manager


@once a day

Assistant Site Manager


@twice a day

Contracts Manager


@7 site visits a month

Construction Director


   site visits a year

Managing Director


   site visits a year

Site sales negotiator


@twice a day

Sales Director


   site visits a year

Area sales manager


@one site visit a week

Professional Internal snagging defect photographs

More snagging photographs taken in 2006

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