Trip hazard in public access areas are common  and finishes Safety - Kerb is a trip hazard

Safety considerations

Safety on building sites is paramount. Each building site is unique, with the hazards and dangers often changing on a daily basis. Most site managers will be very concerned if you stroll on to what is their building site, unaccompanied, without prior appointment, and without any safety equipment. Most house builders will insist on you making a prior appointment so you can be accompanied by someone with knowledge of the site hazards that will include:

Open excavations, trip hazards, falling from height, being hit by falling materials, low headroom and moving plant and machinery.

The sales advisor should provide you with the necessary protective equipment to comply with both site safety rules and legislation.

Building sites can be very dangerous, whether the site is busy or appears quiet. There are many situations that can present a risk to people unfamiliar with the workings of a building site.

Please follow the safety guide:

You should expect to be escorted out of the building area if you are found there unescorted and/or without protective safety equipment. No house builder can afford to take a relaxed view about the importance of your health and safety.

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Follow all site safety signage Observe all Safety Signs