What they are Micro Homes?

Very small spaces in converted buildings often old redundant office buildings. They have been called "Ridiculous" – "immoral" – "dog kennels" – "shoe boxes" and "rabbit hutches" as they are often as small as 14sq m in floor area – smaller than a Travelodge hotel room! The government backs these homes as it said in its Housing White Paper:  "We also want to make sure the standards do not rule out new approaches to meeting demand, building on the high quality compact living model of developers such as Pocket Homes"

At least the Pocket homes are larger, coming in at a 'huge' 38sq m - a full one square metre larger than the government's minimum space standard for a one person, one bedroom new home.

These potential slums of tomorrow have been allowed since 2013, under 'permitted development rights' meaning office blocks can be converted for new homes without the need to go through the full planning process.


Barnet house floor plan


Typical 'micro home'

Barnet House

Size and value for money

Micro homes vary in size from a miniscule 13sq m to around 37sq m. They offer very poor value for money, even in the London market. They are sold on a leasehold basis with all the disadvantages this tenure has.

Who are they for:

Allegedly, for first-time buyers as a way of getting on the housing ladder.

Those looking to avoid the daily commute to the City.

Those who might find them a less expensive prospect than a weekly regular hotel room in the City.

Buy to Let - looking for long term income.

Who are they not suitable for:

Practically everyone! Especially couples, families and those with pets!

Our advice

Avoid at all costs! Unless you can buy outright and intend to let the property, even then there are better, safer places to invest for a return.

Note: Floor plans are illustrative examples only. Any similarity between

actual designs, layouts and/or specifications is purely coincidental.

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Micro Homes