When considering buying a new house, townhouse, flat or any other brand new home from a house builder, it is essential to do your own research, by accessing totally independent information. This will ensure you get the best quality new home, in the best location, at the best price, on a development that most closely meets your needs. Buying any home is the biggest financial commitment most people will make. So you need to be fully aware of all the facts and pitfalls before you get carried away with the sales and marketing experience that all the house builders are so good at.

The detailed information available on this website will enable you to make a fully-informed decision before reserving that new home. Be sure to carefully consider the very many disadvantages of buying a newly-built home, as well as the few advantages. You also need to be appreciate there can be many pitfalls during the process that can result in new home buyers making ill-informed decisions. Often, a new homebuyer's high expectations, frequently result in disappointment and regret once they have moved in, with housebuilders frequently over-promising and under-delivering.

House builders and their affiliated organisations would like you to believe buying a new home only has positive points and always wins over buying a previously owned, second-hand property. The information, suggestions, guides and tips will help you to reach the decision that is right for you and help you through all the stages of buying a new home. We recommend you use the services of a professional snagging company and a fully-independent solicitor, if you eventually do decide to buy a new home. Be careful!

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The Home Builders Federation (HBF) organises and publishes selected results of the industry’s New Home Customer Satisfaction Survey each year. By asking certain questions in a particular way, in a particular order, or by limiting responses, any survey can be crafted to achieve any statistical results. For example the HBF use 'Very' and 'Fairly Satisfied' responses and add them together for the 'Total Satisfied' in their press releases.

One score that cannot be manipulated is that 99% of new home buyers reported defects to their housebuilder within a few weeks of moving in. Indeed, 41% reported more than 10 defects!

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The HBF survey results represent a very small proportion of the total number of new homes built each year. Just 53,270 surveys were sent out and only 29,330 returned for the 2013 results.

In the 2016 survey year, out of a total of 112,000 private sector new homes with NHBC warranty, only 80% of these new homebuyers received the HBF survey and the published results represented less than 47% of the total. Affordable and social housing occupants are not sent the HBF survey.

In 2017, the HBF star rating was based on a just 39,014 responses. This represented around 39% of the new homes built by each of the house builders given a rating on average.

Thinking of buying a timber frame new home? Recent market studies suggest that the new generation of home buyers are totally unaware of the World In Action documentary in 1983 and are not anti-timber frame.  Indeed house builders and timber frame companies are keen to promote the perceived environmental benefits of this method of construction. In 2010, one in four new homes being constructed is using timber frame construction.

However many catastrophic fires have cast doubt on this method of construction and the beneficial myths of timber frame homes. Basingstoke site fire

This website provides independent information for the UK new home buyer so they can fully consider all issues before buying a timber-framed new home.

Timber frame homes...

Before buying a new home be sure you are fully informed…………….

Caution:  New home buyers!                    

Many new home buyers end up deeply regretting their ill-informed decision. There are many pitfalls to trap the unwary! Please do carry out thorough research and follow the advice on this website before reserving any new home.


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