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We believe that everyone should be able to have the highest quality new home as is humanly possible and receive the very best standards of customer care both before and after they move in. We provide our information for the benefit of UK new home buyers, not for commercial gain. We also believe in free choice.

The Brand New Homes website and New Home Blog is maintained by a very dedicated individual, working unpaid, virtually full-time to bring you the very latest information, features and advice on this well-presented and easy to use website. The information is provided free of charge to everyone. There are no restricted pages or any subscriptions required.

It would be very much appreciated if you would honour these efforts with a small (or large!) donation as a token of your thanks and appreciation.

ALL donations received for 2022/23 will be given to my chosen charity  St Wilfrid’s Hospice.
Please make a donation directly to my fundraising page

CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK  a total of £240!

I have sacrificed around £800,000 (net) employment income to provide this website, advise buyers and campaign on new homebuyers' behalf over the last 16 years!

You are free to not give anything for using this website or for any of the information provided.

However, if you feel the information was beneficial to you, helping guide you make an informed, decision and get a better new home, please do consider making a small donation. By doing so it will tell me that I am providing the right information and help for UK new home buyers and give me something towards the costs of running and maintaining this extensive website.

Please do not leave it to others. Very few people make a donation.  Just 85 people have donated out of 2 million or so visitors. (23 August 2013 - 9 May 2017). Any donation, no matter how small*, will directly support this website and the new home blog enabling me to continue to provide visitors like you, with up-to-date, top class information on all aspects of buying and owning a UK new home, as well as the ongoing campaign for a new homes ombudsman, better quality new homes and better after sales customer care.

Thank you very, very much for your support!   It is really appreciated

     *Please be aware of  PayPal charges:

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For a £  5 donation PayPal deduct 37p  (suggested)

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