Berkeley Homes

Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Limited

Berkeley House

Farnham Lane
Farnham Royal

Tel: 01753 784400

Berkeley Homes (Eastern Counties) Limited

Berkeley House
7 Oakhill Road
Kent TN13 1NQ

Tel: 01732 227500

St George Plc,

St George House

76 Crown Road,

Twickenham TW1 3EU

Tel: 020 8917 4000

St Edward
Ergon House
Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2AL

Tel: 020 7118 0303

St James
St James House
15b St George Wharf
London SW8 2LE

Tel: 020 3675 1502

St William

Berkeley House
15b St George Wharf
London SW8 2LE

Tel: 020 3675 1502

Berkeley Homes (Central London) Limited

Berkeley House

380 Queenstown Road

Tel: 020 7720 2600

Berkeley Homes (West London) Limited

Chelsea Bridge Wharf
380 Queenstown Road
London SW8 4PE

Tel: 020 3675 1501

Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Limited

5 Station Way
SE18 6NJ

Tel: 020 8312 7800

Berkeley Homes (South East London) Limited

India House
45 Curlew Street
London SE1 2ND

Tel: 020 7601 7300

Berkeley Homes (North East London) Limited

61 Leman Street
London E1 8NZ

Tel: 020 7977 9100

Berkeley Homes (Southern) Limited

Berkeley House

Bay Tree Avenue
Surrey KT22 7UE

Tel: 01372 370400

Berkeley Homes (Western) Limited

200 Longwater Avenue
Green Park
Berkshire RG2 6GB
Tel: 0118 9879000

Berkeley Group Regional Offices       (last updated 7 September 2017)

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Berkeley Group Head Office

Berkeley Group Holdings plc,  Berkeley House,19 Portsmouth Road,

Cobham, Surrey. KT11 1JG    Tel: 01932 868655   Fax: 01932 868667

Berkeley Homes Regional Offices


After five years at Crest Homes, Tony Pidgley and Jim Farrer left to set up Berkeley Homes in 1976, originally based in Weybridge, Surrey. They began by focusing on high-end executive housing on single plots and smaller executive developments. In the first year the company built four new homes, all being sold “off-plan” providing a turnover of £121,000 and a profit of £21,000 (17.4%). Berkeley quickly expanded across the Home Counties and into the West, the South Midlands and East Anglia. By 1988, Berkeley Homes were building over 600 executive new homes a year. In December 1985 Berkeley gained a full listing on the London Stock Exchange and in less than ten years, Berkeley had grown from a company capitalised at £50,000 to a PLC valued at over £67m.

In 1988, Berkeley famously began to sell off its landbank, convinced that the housing boom was unsustainable, in order to protect the balance sheet rather than to maximise short-term profits. When the downturn materialised, it vindicated Berkeley's strategy and the company re-entered a much cheaper land market in 1990-91.

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In 1991 Berkeley acquired the Manchester-based house builder Crosby Homes, which was later sold in 2003. During the 1990’s Berkeley changed its operation to focus on major urban regeneration sites in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other large cities. By 2000, Berkeley’s preference was to concentrate on fewer schemes, predominantly large-scale redevelopment in the London area, building executive homes, mixed-use developments, riverside apartments and homes in historic refurbished buildings.

Today, the Berkeley Group is primarily in the business of urban regeneration, with a target to build over 95% of its development on brownfield land. The Berkeley Group trades under a range of brand names: Berkeley, St James, St Edward, St George, Berkeley First, and Berkeley Commercial.

The St George brand specialises in high quality mixed use regeneration, on brownfield land in London. Often combining new homes, apartments and penthouses with retail, leisure and other amenities for the residents. St George has grown to become London's largest, mixed-use developer and has created homes in some of the most high profile locations in London.

St James was originally a joint venture with Thames Water in 1996 and develops projects that "embrace private residential development and commercial property with recreational and community facilities".

St Edward was established as a joint venture with Prudential building "unique residentially led developments."

Berkeley First specialises in modern architectural contemporary homes with "stylish specifications and intelligent space planning." including student and keyworker accommodation.

Berkeley base their operational success on a founding principal of maintaining a "disciplined procedure to enable both the construction and marketing of sites to start as early as possible in the development cycle, thus maximising return on capital and minimising marketing risk."

Key Directors:

Glyn Barker Group Chairman

Rob Perrins Group Managing Director

Financials: (year-end 30 April 2021)

Turnover              £2,348.0 million                 

Operating profit    £   551.5 million      (23.5%)       

Market capital        £4,580.0 million      (as of 2 August 2022)      

Average selling price   £603,000  

Land bank                      66,163 plots

Number of new homes built to financial year ended 30 April 2021 - 4,632 new homes

2020 - 2,723 : 2019 - 3,698 : 2018 - 3,536 : 2017 - 3,905 : 2016 - 3,776 : 2015 - 3,355 2014 - 3,742 : 2013 - 3,712 : 2012 - 3,565 : 2011 - 2,544 : 2010 - 2,201


Number of NHBC awards per year (averaged over last fourteen years)

9 Quality awards 3 Seal of Excellence awards  

Homes per quality award ratio for 2021 - 579 homes built per award.

2020 - 544 : 2019 - 462 : 2018 - 442 : 2017 - 260  : 2016 - 290 : 2015 - 224

2014 - 312 : 2013 - 371 : 2012 - 324 : 2011 - 254  : 2010 - 314

The lower the number the better the quality.     

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