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The website has been created with the sole, specific aim of giving prospective new homebuyers free, unbiased advice, information and checklists, highlighting everything  they should be considering before and during buying a brand new home  from a housebuilder.

We are not in partnership with any organisation. We are dedicated to helping new home buyers by campaigning to force housebuilders to improve, both the quality of the new homes they build and their after sales customer service when buyers report problems.

Given our unique content we believe certain companies, products and services, could benefit by offering consumers a useful, targeted option by advertising on relevant pages and via page sponsorship on We hope that certain, carefully selected advertisements can make the process of finding the products and services that potential new homebuyers/owners are looking for more straightforward and, at the same time, generate a little income to cover our costs, free advice and our ongoing campaign work.

This website has been featured in the quality press including: The Times, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Observer, Daily Mail and MoneyWeek. The 'New Home Expert' has been interviewed for Radio 4 'You and Yours' and Channel 4 Dispatches.

Further details and our press cuttings can be found on our 'In the Media' page.

We regularly produce both new and updated content, facts, figures and advice both here and on our sister campaigning website: to expand the wealth of information available to anyone considering buying a new home and to support our ongoing campaign.

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  1. You to forward all HTML code and image(s) required for your logo or advertisement.
  2. The contract is for a minimum six months, fees payable by BACS in advance. (Payment via PAYPAL subject to additional PayPal charges)
  3. Your contract period begins when the advertisement is uploaded to this site – normally within seven  days of receipt of details.
  4. After expiry of the contract the current advertisers will be given first refusal for renewal.
  5. We cannot guarantee this site will be accessible at all times. It may be necessary to suspend service from time to time for essential maintenance.
  6. If the site is unavailable for a minimum four consecutive days or longer, the contract will be extended by the period of unavailability.
  7. We make no guarantee of the number of hits you will receive from your advertisement.
  8. Currency conversion to GBP and all bank charges for non-UK currency ads to be paid by the advertiser.
  9. Payment is to be made within 28 days after which a £50 'Late Payment Fee' becomes payable, in addition to the outstanding amount.

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