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In the Media - 2017






Wednesday 10 May 2017 in The Daily Mail

"Our new-build homes put chidren in A&E"

  by Victoria Bischoff


Saturday 24 June 2017 in the Yorkshire Post

"Quality issues highlight need for new homes ombudsman" by Sharon Dale


Sunday 9 July 2017 in The Sunday Times

"Builders gag buyers over shoddy work"  

  by Martina Lees

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Sunday 30 July 2017 in The Sunday Times

"What can you do if your brand-new house isn't up to scratch" by Martina Lees


Friday 7 April 2017 in The Guardian

"Competition authority asks questions about   warranties for new homes"  by Graham Riddick

Sunday 9 April 2017 in The Sunday Times

"The soul-destroying new-build trap"

  by Martina Lees


Sunday 2 April 2017 in The Observer

"As demand rises, the reputation of new-build homes is crumbling" by Anna Tims

Friday 24 February 2017 in MoneyWeek

"Beware of shoddy new builds" by Emma Lunn

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Saturday 21 January 2017 in The Times

"A new-build may not offer a guarantee of serenity"

by Mark Atherton

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Friday 13 January 2017 in The Times

"Look before you leap"  by Gordon Miller

Saturday 4 February 2017 in The Times

"No one is taking responsibility for my home"

by Mark Atherton

Saturday 4 February 2017 in The Financial Times

"Quality suffers in the rush to construct new homes"

by Judith Evans


Wednesday 30 August 2017 Channel 5

"Nightmare New Builds"

"I think people who buy new homes should expect perfection. They wouldn’t accept a new car with ten defects, and they wouldn’t expect over 90% of new cars to have defects, so why this is acceptable in a new home."

Saturday 7 October 2017 The Times

"The great unadopted road dodge"

  by Annabelle Williams


Monday 9  October 2017 Moneywise
"Should you buy off plan?"  

  by Hannah Nemeth


Sunday 26 November 2017  The Observer

"House for sale: Only problem is the neighbours   own half the master bedroom"

  by Anna Timms


Saturday 22 July 2017 in The Times

"How to avoid the snags and damp patches in new-build properties"  by Mark Atherton


Wednesday 11th January 2017 New Home Expert on BBC Radio Wiltshire

A decade on: Devizes housing development -  Ben Prater

BBC-Radio-Wiltshire-Adopted-roads-11-Jan-2017-Edited.mp3People in Devizes are still fighting to get their roads and lighting finished a decade on. BBC Radio Wiltshire reports on a David Wilson Homes' development that is still without streetlight ten years after the last home moved in. New Home Expert founder of website a website that advises people buying new homes what do you make of this?

"House builders don’t really give a service to buyers, after the first 8 to 10 weeks once the buyer have completed the HBF/NHBC survey. They only care about their star rating. I have buyers contact me almost daily basis complaining that they have been let down by their builders asking me what they can do and what safeguards they’ve got. The reality is they have got no protection at all.

If they could go to a government-appointed independent new homes ombudsman, who could then adjudicate on the disputes and actually pay them justifiable compensation. There isn’t a single route a buyer can take to get compensation. The best they can hope for is at some stage their homes will be brought up to the standard they should have been when they first moved in."

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Tuesday 19 December 2017  

New Home Expert on BBC2
Victoria Derbyshire "New Home Nightmares"

Clcik for quotes

"The quality of workmanship is getting worse

 - the only one word to describe it is atrocious."

"Some of the mistakes, if you can call them that, are horrendous"

"The quality of workmanship is getting worse in this industry and the only one word to describe it is atrocious."

"I don't know how they [site managers, housebuilder CEOs, warranty inspectors] can go home and sleep nights, doing that to people it's not right. From the CEO in the boardroom to the man on site sweeping up - no one cares"

"And no one in the process is thoroughly checking that the quality is going to be there and that the buildings and houses comply with building regulations and warranty standards"

"You wouldn't buy a car with a wheel missing, and expect to piut it on when it is sitting in someone’s driveway and that's a silly analogy but that's to sort of thing people [new homebuyers] are expected to put up with"

"The industry manages customers expectations downwards, they actually say it is impossible to build a perfect house and it's not. "

"It's a real David and Goliath issue, the only redress they've got is to go through the courts. Buyers who go to court will run out of money long before the housebuilders every will"

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