Planning a House Move and Removals

Moving home is one of the most stressful times in our lives. It makes sense therefore to carefully plan your home move.  Removals companies have the facilities, experience and expertise to handle your move professionally with the minimum of stress.

Six weeks before the move

Research local schools, dentists and doctors in your new area and arrange for records to be sent.

Remove clutter from your home

This is the time to be ruthless.  Everything you take to your new home will add to removal costs and will have to be found a place in your new home.  Clothes that no longer fit, old boxes, electrical items you no longer use.  In fact if you have not used or looked at something during the last five years, chances are you never will. Moving home is a great excuse for a clear out.  Don’t forget if it is in good condition and still useful, charity shops are always grateful.

Be careful to shred all personal paperwork such as bank and credit card statements, old bills, and receipts. The shreddings can be used during packing.

Give consideration to leaving carpets and curtains behind unless they are relatively new.  It is unlikely they will fit in your brand new home.

Four weeks to go

Arrange for time off with your employer.  A day before the move, the move day and the day after will be a minimum.

Pets and Children

Moving can be as stressful for pets as it is for us. It is a good idea to book a place in a cattery/kennels for the day before, moving day and perhaps the day after. If you have small children it is also helpful for your nerves to be able to leave them with friends or relatives on moving day.

Choosing a removal company

Get at least 4 quotes from removal companies. has a list of recommended movers all members of the British Association of Removers. Don’t just choose the cheapest remover.  You should carefully consider which company best suits your particular requirements and circumstances.  It is also important to be honest with removal companies, so you receive an accurate quotation and the correct size of lorry!  If you are moving to a flat or multi-storey building inform the remover if there is a lift and how big it is. In addition, if a bed or sofa can only be moved by removing a window or door tell them so they can ensure they have the men and equipment they will need on moving day.  It is also a good idea to discuss any self- assembly furniture you may have, as this is not designed to be moved in its assembled form. Don’t forget to also show them the loft, garage and shed and let them know if any garden plants are being moved. These can take up a lot of room as nothing can normally be stacked on top of them.

Luton van Box Van for removal Pickfords removals moving home

The main reason people move themselves is they believe it is cheaper. When you factor in the hire costs of the self-drive van, fuel, buying packing boxes and your own time, this can outweigh any saving.

Self Moving - things to consider:

Ask for use of the removal company’s own packing boxes to be included in the price. These are specifically designed to suit their vehicles and modular sized so they stack evenly in the lorry. They can even supply special portable wardrobe boxes for hanging your clothes. Check the remover has special padded covers for expensive leather sofas and chairs.

Always be guided by the mover’s professional advice. Moving on a Friday is normally the most expensive day, especially towards the end of the month.

Take down fixtures and fittings that are not part of the sale these may include shelves, mirrors, light fittings.

Check your home contents insurance to see if cover is provided during the moving process.

Ensure you have adequate parking space for the removal van at either end. If there are parking restrictions contact the Local authority to arrange for a parking suspension on the day of your move. Removers that have vehicles with side access for unloading and loading are an advantage, especially on busy and dusty building sites.

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Six weeks before you move

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How to plan a house move.

The first question to consider when planning a house move is whether to employ a professional removal company or hire a van and do it all yourself.

Quite frankly, unless you have only a very small amount of furniture and possessions and are moving from a one bedroom flat, studio flat or from unfurnished rented accommodation, you would be very wise to use a professional movers. In fact it will be the best value money you spend in the whole moving process!