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Mr  N. Chance Regional Managing Director,

Bodgit Homes Southern Ltd.,

Defects House

Inspection trading estate,



P15 0FF

Dear Mr Chance,

Re: Plot number, Home type/name, Development name,  Southampton.

Further to your letter dated ****** I am again writing to inform you that I have not yet been advised when the remedial works will be fully completed. I accept that since your letter, some of the defects have now been attended to but I am still waiting for a date when my worktop will be replaced. Bob has said that he can arrange for it to be "invisibly repaired" but quite frankly I will not accept a bodged repair. It appears that the worktop has not even been ordered yet!

I feel that I have been very patient and despite writing to you over a month ago, feel that the situation is little better than it was at that time. I am not prepared to accept any more excuses or alleged "misunderstandings" on the part of your company. I wrote to you as Managing Director anticipating that you would take ownership of this issue and ensure that my problems were quickly rectified. Sadly, this has not been the case.

I am therefore writing to inform you that unless all defects to my new home, at the time of writing, are attended to and rectified within the next 14 days I will be writing to your Chairman, enclosing photographs, copies of all correspondence and details of conversations with your staff regarding the problems I have encountered getting defects with my new home resolved.

I trust you will now act to finally bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

Yours sincerely,


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