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Typical new two bedroom flat

Flat or Apartment

A typical apartment would consist of a larger room that serves as the living room and dining area, one or more bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Flats in purpose-built blocks are the best option. Be wary of flats above three floors without a lift.



Size and value for money

A typical new two bedroom flat is around 560sqft.  In 2012, an apartment in West Sussex was priced at £176,000 equating to £315 per square foot.

Who are they for:

First time buyers. Those who want to live in cities and cannot afford a house. Affluent single professionals and Buy-to-let landlords.

Who are they not suitable for:

Families, pet lovers, and those who like privacy and quiet.

Our advice

Neutral! The main problem with flats is the fact they are usually leasehold with all the associated disadvantages and lack of control. Flats are a good option for first-time buyers. Two bedroom flats are easier to sell and hold their value better.

Avoid any new build flats with timber frame construction. See also What to look for when buying an apartment.

Studio apartments

Retirement flats

Terraced houses


Mews houses

Detached houses

Note: Floor plans are illustrative examples only. Any similarity between

actual designs, layouts and/or specifications is purely coincidental.

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