New Mews Houses

Mews houses

Traditionally these were built in the late 19th century to stable horses with staff living above, tacked onto the back of grand townhouses in London, Edinburgh, Bath and Brighton. Due to the popularity of the name Mews, house builders are cashing in and are now offering new build versions of traditional Mews houses. A garden-less front identifies a mews house so this would appeal to house builders even  more.

Typical mews houseTypical Mews House



Size and value for money

Traditional Mews houses are around 1000 - 1500sqft but can be large as 2000sqft if extended. £300,000 for a conversion to £500,000 for a two bedroom new build in Walton-on-Thames for example. London prices start at £500,000 (2012)

Older style genuine mews housesIf it does not look like this it is not a Mews House!

Who are they for:

Affluent single professional, downsizing mature couples, early retired.

People who are often away for business or pleasure.

City loving celebrities.

Who are they not suitable for:

First time buyers, families, pet lovers and those on limited budgets.

Our advice

Avoid! Unless you have no other choices on the development or love the area and the design. The "Mews" tag comes at a price. Typically calling something "Mews" adds 5-10% to the price. Many house builders are just using the name "Mews" so they can charge more for less!

In addition, a better, less expensive option for those who are away a lot would be to stay in a hotel rather than buy a traditional city centre mews house.

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