Scotland - Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Calculator

Scotland announced proposed changes to the way it collects property transaction tax before the new UK system. Starting from 15 April 2015, all property transactions in Scotland will be subject to a new property tax called the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT). The rates are tiered, as is the case with the rest of the UK from 4 December 2014, but originally, the amount of due on property above £250,000 was to be double the rate paid by the rest of the UK. See graphic below.  On homes priced at £325,000 and over the new LBTT charged was even higher than the old “slab structure” method of calculating UK stamp duty it was due to replace. However, on 21 January 2015, the rates and bands were revised. These tax rates and bands remain subject to Parliamentary scrutiny and approval. The Scottish Government will seek Parliament's approval of rate setting orders which will be laid in Parliament in early February 2015.

Use the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax calculator below, to work out how much LBTT will be due before you make an offer to buy.  

New Stamp Duty calculator for England and Wales from 4 December 2014

There is an Australian calculator at Industry Super.

Scotland - LBTT Calculator

Land & Buildings Transaction Tax


Stamp duty effective % rates 2014 - (LBTT in Scotland from 15 April 2015)













Before 4 Dec 2014

Enter Property Value:
LBTT bands Rate Tax
£0 - £145,000 0% -
£145,001 - £250,000 2% -
£250,001 - £325,000 5% -
£325,000 - £750,000 10% -
Above £750,000m 12% -
Total Land Buildings Transaction Tax payable -

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