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Stamp duty

This is a property tax paid by buyers. It used to be levied as a percentage of the total purchase price but now the rate only applies to the proportion in each band. Rates vary from NIL to 12% depending on the overall price.  New UK Stamp Duty Calculator  and in Scotland - New Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Calculator

The cost of moving to a new home

When budgeting, it is advisable to calculate the costs associated with the move. These will include estate agents fees, mortgage arrangement fees, moving expenses, legal fees, and some other discretionary costs.

Selling your existing homeConsider part-exchanging

You need to make your old home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. On this page you will find useful advice to enable you to sell your old home as quickly and easily as possible by presenting it in the most beneficial positive way. Advice on instructing and Estate Agent, kerb appeal, de cluttering and more……

Moving home

Removals and moving home advice and tips. Careful planning will make your move as stress-free as possible. Advice on choosing a removal company and packing boxes.

Packing and moving day

How to pack and the final countdown of things you need to arrange on the days before the big day.

Check list for notifying of your change of address

Once you have the postal address and postcode of your new home and know your moving date, you will need to advise everyone of your new address. On this page you will find a complete list of organisations and companies you will need to notify. Don’t forget and leave an important contact out!

Lifetime ISAs
The government is giving away free money. There is no catch. Just save into a Lifetime ISA and the government will add 25%, to a maximum £1,000 a year on all contributions until age 50. Money can be withdrawn tax free to buy a first home or after age 60.


There are two main types of mortgage - repayment and interest only. However there are many different types of each and this page explains what is available and what the difference of each variant. The government has introduced schemes to give financial help for new home buyers including NewBuy FirstBuy and from April 2013,  Help-To-Buy   -an extension of the existing schemes.

Avoiding mortgage refusal

Over half of mortgages were refused in 2009 resulting in lost fees for those applying as well as frustration and delay. Take steps to reduce the risk of your mortgage application being rejected and improve your credit rating.

Limitations and special restrictions on new-build mortgages

Lenders have have certain rules and restrictions for mortgage for buying new homes. Getting a mortgage for a new-build home may be more difficult, more expensive and more time consuming than a loan to buy an older home.

Current best-buy mortgage deals

This is a live independent feed for the very latest mortgage rates available for each type. You can even calculate your monthly payments.

Home Insurance

You will need to take out Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance. As with all insurance policies, it is essential you understand all the policy documents, the cover provided and any exclusions. If you have any doubt seek advice from a broker or insurance provider.

How to save on your home insurance

With a little effort when choosing your home insurance, you could end up saving significantly on your annual premium. Here are eight great tips on how you can save money on home insurance premiums.

Home insurance policy conditions and limitations

Most home insurance policies have exclusions and limitations hidden in the small print. Find out the main reasons why claims are rejected and how you can take "reasonable steps" to ensure your cover is valid and your claim is paid in full.

Flooding insurance and managing flood risk

Check if you live in an area at risk of flooding. What precautions you can take. Flooding and making an insurance claim and alternative accommodation.

Health and safety

Follow this guide to ensure you and people with you, are as safe as they can be when visiting a building site to see your new home under construction. Always follow the Site Manager’s advice and wear the protective equipment the builder provides.

The Site Manager

Arguably the most important person concerned with the building of your new home. The best site managers win the most awards and build the best quality new homes. Find out what makes a good site manager.

Advice on renting

Good tips and advice for those thinking of renting a house or flat. What are your rights and how to prevent disputes. The Do’s and Don’ts of renting a flat.

Planning Agreements

Planning agreements or Section 106 Agreements as they are known place legal obligations on developers in return for planning permission being granted. Normally these include for a provision of Affordable or Social Housing. Introduced in 2010, a new Community Infrastructure Levy  imposes a charge on building even a single home.

How to save on heating costs using the latest technology and available grants.

New home owner forum

This is a link to a popular forum that not only enables you to share your experiences with others, but we also try to answer any question relating to new home problems and any technical building queries you may have.

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