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George Osborne surprised many by announcing in his Autumn statement significant changes to the way stamp duty will be calculated from 4 December 2014. The good news is that the stamp duty tax will no longer be charged at the threshold percentage on the total asking price, but will be tiered in the same way as income tax is calculated.

You can see the effect in the graphic below which shows how the stamp duty percentage of the total selling price is gradually increased rather than as previously calculated.  The effect should mean that, according to the treasury, people will pay less under the new system for homes sold up to £925,000, benefiting 98% of home buyers.

However the reform, whilst long overdue, will mean more people paying higher stamp duty in the long run with the housing market no longer constrained at the old price threshold levels and sellers free to tick up asking prices at all levels below the £925,000 threshold.

Use the new Stamp Duty calculators below, to work out how much stamp duty land tax will be payable before making a decision to buy.

From 22 November 2017, new rules came in for first-time buyers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  No stamp duty is payable for first-time buyers on homes costing £300,000 or less. Stamp duty at 5% is payable on homes up to £500,000 on the purchase price above £300,000 - saving £5,000 on the amount of stamp duty  they would have previously paid.

Scotland - Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Calculator

Scotland announced proposed changes to the way it collects property transaction tax before the new UK system from 15 April 2015.5

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Before 4 Dec 2014

After 4 Dec 2014

Stamp duty effective % rates 2014 - (LBTT in Scotland from 15 April 2015)

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New Stamp Duty Calculator

Enter Property Value:
Stamp duty bands Rate Duty
£0 - £125,000 0% -
£125,001 - £250,000 2% -
£250,001 - £925,000 5% -
£925,000 - £1.5m 10% -
Above £1.5m 12% -
Total Stamp Duty payable -