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This website was first published in 2006, with the specific aim of giving prospective new home buyers a true insight into the real issues they should consider when buying a brand new home  from a house builder or developer.

We are not in partnership with any organisation. Our aim is to provide impartial, independent information to enable consumers to make an informed decision when considering buying a brand new home. We are dedicated to helping new home buyers and making the new home buying experience as exciting and problem-free as it should be.

We do not operate any database or system for searching for new homes, although you can by clicking on the house builder's external links on this site. We do not receive any fees, commissions, or other payments in the event of a new property being sold via use of this site.

We do not recommend specific developments or house builders. We are not driven by the need to make a profit, but to provide detailed consumer information regarding every aspect when buying a new home.

This site was compiled by an award-winning house building professional, with over 35 years management experience in the industry working for a number of both large national and smaller regional house builders. Much of the information available on this website is 'inside information' as a result of his many years in the house-building industry. It is his wish to share this with the general public.

In recent years he has taken up the challenge actively campaigning to put pressure on the large house builders to improve both the quality of the homes they build and the service they give to their customers when defects are discovered. Basically one individual taking on huge corporate organisations, making a stand for consumers and what is morally right.  

The "New Home Expert" is committed to providing help and advice for people who are having issues with their new homes and difficulties with their house builder as well as helping potential buyers reduce the risk of possible problems if they do buy new home. New Home Expert is a regular contributor on our own forum and has also made over 1,100 posts on the snagging forum, helping many new home owners in the process.

We believe that everyone should be able to have the highest quality new home as is humanly possible and receive the very best standards of customer care both before and after they move in. We provide our information for the benefit of UK new home buyers, not for commercial gain. We also believe in free choice.

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Please  refer to the Terms and Conditions for further information.

This website is dedicated to the fond memory of our beloved cat who sadly passed away on 17 June 2006 - the very day this site was first published.


If you found the advice and information on this website helpful and useful please consider making a one-off donation.

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