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Below are some of the kind comments that people have sent me over the years. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it is always nice and very much appreciated when people contact me to say "thank you" for helping them either directly or via this website.  It costs nothing to do but means a lot to me! See me 'New Homes Expert' campaigning on the  in the media page.

Paul Davidson January 2017

"I hope your website gets the attention it deserves; buyers of new homes have been without protection for too long."

Sandie Simpson January 2017

"I’ve just seen your incredible website for the first time. Well done and I commend you. Clearly you are helping a lot of people. Your website is excellent. These troubled properties cause absolute heartbreak - taking a toll on relationships and health."

Shabana Hussain August 2016

"You’re and absolute star Phil. Thank you for all your advice, its appreciated beyond belief!"

Sue Penson Evans 25 April 2016
"It's the first time I've donated to support a website…

Your site is a gem.  It's resulted in me pulling out of a new home purchase at the initial stage when Avant refused to pay towards an independent solicitor but offered £1,500 if I used theirs.  You have so much information which I wish I'd found when I first looked at a house....I'd have been so much more confident in the negotiations."

Rob Donaldson 7 November 2015

"I really appreciated the advice regarding snagging inspectors and all of the other useful info on the website. You clearly spend a lot of time on helping others and I for one am most appreciative. My only regret is that I hadn't found it before. I am actually embarrassed to look back and have done so little research into buying a new build, particularly from this developer and also that it has a warranty from Checkmate. I think most people perceive that buying a new house is relatively problem free. How wrong they are!"

Marc Craddock 16 July 2015

"The information I have got from your website I am sure will save me a lot down the line. I have already updated the forum thread and will be for the next five or so months until I move in. Thanks again and keep up the great job you are doing on the forum, I appreciate it a lot."

TL (Kent):-

29 June 2015 - "I shall thank you again for guiding me to the right direction. As you know I am not looking to make money from ****** ****** but would like to be compensated for the incorrect information which is going to cost me forever. I will keep you informed about my case. I will also let other people know about your website."

9 September 2015 - "I should say a MEGA THANK YOU for spending your time helping me and others. You are doing a great job for helping others. By the way, I forgot inform you that ** finally coughed up £1500 for giving me the wrong information about management charges."

3 October 2016 -"I really appreciate your help and your website. If it was not your help and information from your website I would have given up with the issues which I had after purchasing the property."

Lucy Brown 30 March 2015

"Your website has been a godsend."

Hayley Cross 21 March 2015

"Thank you for your advice and taking the time to write back to me.  We will do as you have said and let you know the outcome."

Walter G. Eyetan 17 March 2015

"Your website provided me valuable information and insight; I believe it saved me a lot of heartache. Keep up the good work, at the least you are making a difference and helping the vulnerable against the big unwieldy builders."

Kenny Brown 4 February 2015

"I've been reading your website which makes a lot of interesting points that I would agree with. I do think that the house building industry comes up short in a number of areas."

Anthony Pennicott 22 December 2014

"Perhaps now you have a large audience on your page, you should charge a little for your time & expertise! Nothing is free in life and I am sure you have dug a fair few people out of a really dark hole. Good luck with website."

Paul (aka Ted) 5 December 2014

"The Internet role you play must be incredibly frustrating when the word just doesn't seem to get through and even when it does you rarely get any recognition for it."

Gordon Mackay 27 May 2014

"It’s a brilliant site, thanks for putting it together and for helping me with my questions, it’s really appreciated."

Victoria Roper 7 May 2014

"Many thanks for your email. I have actually sought legal advice over this and have a good case, so I am pursuing the legal route. Many thanks again though."

Warren Wong 11 April 2014

"I think people like yourself deserve something from public for the effort. You provide a knowledgeable website for everyone free of charge and many people don’t realise there is a cost involved with doing so. Plus I think I get VIP treatment from you whenever I seek help and advice from you which I am most grateful for."

Colin Cumine 4 April 2014

"Thanks for everything. Things are never straight forward Phil. Just please keep up the exceptional work you do. It’s sorely needed. My very best wishes."

Anzani -  Basingstoke (2014)

"I have been following this forum and your twitter posts, and I think you are doing an incredible job to help everyone buying a new property. Many thanks for that."

Anita Pepper-Rowlands 26 February 2014

"Thank you very much for the time you have taken to reply and the information supplied it is very much appreciated."

Kyungmi Oh 5 February 2014

"Even though I don’t use social networking sites, I will definitely recommend your site to people around me who are looking to buy a new build flat."

Ged Mahon -Site manager commenting on (2013)

"This guy knows what he is talking about, I agree with 100% of his postings, I just wonder sometimes why he bothers………but trust me, he is a Godsend to new home buyers, they need to heed his advice!"

Chris Horn 20 November 2013

"Thanks for all your help and support. This is dynamite information thank you so much. I've attached the response we've sent to them this morning."

Paul Sherwood

23 October 2013 - "Much of where we are now, getting to this stage, has been down to your support and experienced advice so thanks Phil it’s much appreciated. I will keep you posted - and thank you again for the site and your support. I appreciate that this is somewhat self-absorbing so apologies if you've been bombarded."

30 October 2013 - "This website has been an absolute saviour for us over these last few weeks. Template letters, contact details, consumer rights, NHBC documentation, other homebuyer experiences and most of all the webmaster's wealth of knowledge, information and support. I hope that all existing and prospective owners at Augusta Park make use of the site, even if it’s simply to help them to know their rights if something happens to their home in the future, or to share their experiences and advice for the benefit of others."

(Posted by Paul Sherwood on Facebook)

16 November 2013 "I can't thank you enough for the last few weeks, your support and for developing the site."

N Sangra …Cheltenham  (2013)

"I'm not sure if you receive enough thanks for going the extra mile to provide the UK new home buyers with as much information as possible - But here is my thanks and gratitude anyway! What you’re doing is amazing, and must take some motivation to relentlessly support people with their queries"

Ryan Thomas...London  (2013)

"Your website is a great site by the way. Had I known about it before I bought, I probably would have been a lot more careful! Thanks, and keep-up the good work!"

Jeanne Ridge...Kent  (2011)

"I have spent the last hour reading through the brand new homes site and was captivated by not only the amount of content, but also the detail. It is clear that the writer has an extensive knowledge of what happens inside the construction industry.  I was reading because I wanted to see about what to check out when buying a new home and ended up reading the whole site ...I like the fact you have a forum as well."

Paul Hutchinson...France  (2007)

"Your site is incredible."

Martyn Maxwell -  (2006)

"Nice website you are developing and very informative for the UK new home buyer."

John Fiore.... London  (2006)

"I’ve had a look at your website and it looks really good! My friend owns and rents out 3 flats and is looking to buy a fourth and he has looked at your site and in his words said it was “fantastic” and will pick up many tips for his next purchase."

Webuser Magazine 6-19 July 2006: Our Rating: 4 Stars

"This site is a great place to visit - advice is broad and uncomplicated..."


Webuser Magazine : Issue 139  Page 20 (6 - 19 July 2006)

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